The Great Lakes Implant Institute finally delivered the implant course I have been looking for. Including pharmacology, hands on, and live patient surgery, is what I had seen missing from other implant classes. All of the instructors keep it simple, and want to see you succeed. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to add implants to their practice.
Todd C.

Doctors Lingle and Trowbridge covered a vast amount of material in the four two day sessions. Both doctors command a vast knowledge of implant dentistry and both are willing to take the time to provide excellent answers to any questions asked.
The courses included a good amount of hands on experience in addition to lecture time on the fundamentals of implant dentistry. Having never placed an implant, this was a great course to gain the valuable experience needed to be confident to place implants. My partner and I already have seven implants scheduled for next month. Thanks doctors!
Dr. Roger L. Paul

The series of lectures was informative, enjoyable, efficient, and applicable when integrating dental implants into your practice. The lectures are truly experts in their field and are able to provide comprehensive information to the attendees. Along with educating the dentists, the team members also become fully informed of the critical processes necessary to ensure clinical success. I am pleased to have chosen Great Lakes Implant Institute for my implant education.
Rachel Brown, DDS

Just wanted to take a brief moment to write a testimonial about my recent experience at the Great Lakes Implant Institute in the fall of 2014. So I’ve been interested in taking a course on implantology for many years now. I kept telling myself that I needed to become more knowledgeable, proficient, and I was tired of just restoring implants. Implants are the wave of the future, and I knew that I needed to stay current and better myself as a general dentist. With all that being said, I finally decided to take the plunge and I enrolled in the Great Lakes Implant Institute. My experiences over the four sessions were nothing less than exceptional. First and foremost, the teaching staff was absolutely phenomena. Dr. Scott Lingle and Dr. Joe Trowbridge did the majority of lecturing. Their teaching style really clicked with me. The learning environment was perfect. In addition, guest lecturers were brought in to teach things like pharmacology, periodontology, and insurance billing. Hands-on table top exercises were extremely helpful – things like suturing techniques, implant placement, etc. were performed. The course ultimately ends with a live patient for each student. Under professor supervision, each student is granted the opportunity to place their first dental implant in their career. This was invaluable and now gives me the confidence to know that I’m capable of placing implants in my own dental practice. I’d like to thank the entire staff – Dr. Lingle, Dr. Trowbridge, Mary Jo, BioHorizons Reps. This series of courses were flawless and I highly recommend any general dentist who is hesitant about placing implants to take this course. You won’t regret it. Thank you Great Lakes Implant Institute.
JR Chidley

I am extremely happy Great Lakes Implant Institute found a home in Minnesota. The course takes a practical hands-on approach to implant placement. It is well organized, has great staff, and includes a live patient surgery. Dr. Lingle and Dr. Trowbridge instill so much confidence; every student they have taught is now placing implants in their own practice. All I can say is THANK YOU!
Laura J. Howley DDS

I found this comprehensive implant course to be the best training I have ever experienced. Having placed implants for over 10 years, I found this course to be a beneficial review of basic implant placement. As in many cases I did not know what I did not know until I compared my training and technique to the practical presented in this course. The information on grafting, sinus lifts and management of complications is invaluable! I went back to the office and felt confident in my abilities and training to do socket grafts, sinus lifts, suturing, and to utilize membranes and bone graft materials correctly around implants and bone defects. Dr. Lingle and Dr. Trowbridge are two of the best speakers I have encountered. They take the fear out of implant placement and provide a supportive atmosphere of hands-on learning. I was truly inspired to further my implant training and expand my implant practice. It is so nice to have an implant learning institute of this caliber for all levels of implant training in Minneapolis.
Dr. Kathrynne Dryke

Thanks for all that you have done to enable my CRAZY transition from RMDI. I can only say that I wish I would have started here (even if it didn’t exist at the time I started). My team was very happy with the knowledge they received as well. They chatted and chatted last evening.

My team and I just completed Team Training module. My team could not stop talking about all that they learned and the excellence of the various instructors who taught the assistants, hygienists, and front staff in each of their specialty areas. Fantastic course!
Tom Blake

I would like to thank Dr. Lingle and Dr. Trowbridge for offering this great opportunity for me to learn about implants during this outstanding class. They have many years of cli9nical experience and many cases documented for teaching purposes. Our class learned many things such as tooth removal and bone grafting, selection of implants using CBCT and implant placement. One of the best parts of the class is learning the restorative aspect as well as the implants. The last class, I was able to perform a live implant surgery. I highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to place implants.
Joe Winegar

Both doctors are very knowledgeable. They are very helpful and will always explain any question you might have. The supporting staff was very nice and equally helpful. Surgeries went well and my confidence level has gone way up. They make the learning fun as well. Humor is always appreciated while learning a stress reliever. Many thanks to Dr. Lingle, Dr. Trowbridge, Mary Jo, Ali, and Anastasiya.
Dr. Scott Anderson

Any dentist who is interested in placing dental implants needs to take this course. I love how they incorporate hands-on exercises that correlate with the lectures that are presented that weekend. Dr. Lingle, Dr. Trowbridge, and Mary Jo do a fantastic job explaining things in a simplified way without cutting any corners. I cannot say enough amazing things about this course. Thank you Great Lakes Implant Institute for creating this course and providing me with the confidence and skills to place dental implants.
Alyssa G., DDS

I was encouraged to take this course by a periodontist who had trained with Dr. Scott Lingle in the past. Dr. Lingle has been placing implants since they came on the market, and he is extremely generous with his knowledge and experience. The course employs multiple speakers, with Dr. Lingle and Dr. Trowbridge being mentors to all who attended. I have taken multiple classes during the past 4 years as a member of the Heartland Study Club, and this course is elite in comparison. I highly recommend this course if you are interested in placing implants!
Mitch Wellman DDS

My experience taking the implant continuum at Great Lakes Institute was everything I had hoped for. Questions about basic concepts were addressed, and advanced topics were presented that created more questions. My eyes were opened to the reality of routine implant education and the broad scope of possibilities that lie ahead in implant dentistry. Dr. Lingle and Dr. Trowbridge are very knowledgeable and approachable and have put together a top notch program. Blending the hands on, didactic, and research based information was as complete as it could be. The guest presenters were diverse and engaging as well. Support staff and implant reps at your disposal, I can't think of any "i" that wasn't dotted when putting together this program. Suffice it to say my staff and I were very satisfied with our training as we continue our journey in implant dentistry.
Tyler Hubbard DDS

The Great Lakes Implant course is by far the most useful, impactful and career changing continuing education programs that I have taken. Dr. Lingle and Dr. Trowbridge not only guide you through the entire surgical and restorative implant process in a practical and logical method, but their personal approach will fully engage you every step of the way. They continue to be vital resources for me long after I finished the course. I could not recommend a more important CE course for anyone even considering placing implants.
David B., DDS

This class is worth every penny. I feel prepared to apply the skills I've learned immediately in my practice.
Chris H., DDS

This was the best course I have ever taken. Both Dr. Lingle and Dr. Trowbridge are full of knowledge and very willing to share as much of it as they can. The live surgery was very helpful and a great way to start placing implants in my practice.
Isaac P., DDS

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone ever interested in or considering placing implants. Thorough and inviting atmosphere. Hands on training with great mentors. Ready at your side to help.
Brian K., DDS

The Great Lakes seminars offered an unparalleled implant experience. The course is entirely comprehensive and very hands on. Easily the best continuing ed I've ever taken.
Steve W., DDS

The class was a great experience. Being able to place an implant with hands on instruction was so beneficial. I would highly recommend this course. I'm excited about dentistry again.
Adam H., DDS

A lot was learned in this course. I'm very proud of myself for taking this course. I'm very thankful to the Great Lakes Implant Institute. Finally, thanks to Mary Jo for all the help.
Ernest J., DDS

Excellent mentoring and one-on-one attention. Lots of hands-on experience before surgery along with observing other cases. Great course overall.
Sanket N., DDS